Increase Safety Reduce Liability

BODYCAM® HD Body-Worn Video Camera

  • 1080p True HD Video
  • Selectable Night Vision
  • Widest Field of View
  • One-Touch Recording
  • CJIS Compliant Storage
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Built-In LCD Screen
  • Auto Download & Re-Charge
  • 32 GB of Storage*
  • Extended Life Battery
  • User ID, Date & Time Stamp
  • Unbeatable Value

Outshining others with built-in, high intensity infrared illuminators, BODYCAM® records a clear view even in total darkness.

“"Because of BODYCAM's night vision video, I was exonerated from a false accusation.”"

Sgt. Wood - Gold Beach Police, OR

Simple Viewing

As simple as 1, 2, or 3, BODYCAM® can be viewed on the built-in 1.5”" LCD Screen, any computer, or any TV / Viewing Monitor.

Auto Download & Re-Charge

Automatically download video files and re-charge the BODYCAM® simultaneously by connecting to a computer workstation.

One-Touch Recording

Pressing one button initiates BODYCAM® recording and illuminates a discreet visual indicator letting only the operator know the camera is in use.

1080p True HD Video

With the ability to record 1080p True HD video quality, BODYCAM® captures all the important details and it utilizes the latest compression and encoding technology to minimize file sizes, reducing storage costs.

Designed for BODYCAM®, SecuraMax™ by PRO-VISION® is your organizations reliable, simple, secure media management solution.

Learn More About SecuraMax™

"Storage & maintenance of digital evidence has never been more important than it presently is”."

Sergeant Fred Marziano - Marin County Sheriff’s Department - San Rafael, CA

Greater Capacity

Record more video at a higher picture quality than other brands with the industry leading storage capacity of BODYCAM®.


With an IP65 Waterproof rating, BODYCAM® will deliver reliable performance no matter what the weather conditions.

Rugged, Reliable Design

Designed for the demands of military & law enforcement applications, BODYCAM® will deliver years of reliable performance.

Included Software

Download software is included with your BODYCAM® purchase and may be installed on any number of work stations with no additional costs.

Offering 170°, the largest field-of-view of any body-worn video camera, BODYCAM® more than doubles the coverage of other recognized brands.

“"The technology'’s accuracy benefits both officers and citizens."”

Tracey Sears - WTVR–CBS 6 - Richmond, VA

HD Video, Audio & Photos

Your all-in-one tool to capture 1080p high-definition video, high-fidelity audio, and 8 Megapixel still photos, BODYCAM® eliminates the need for multiple devices.

Selectable Audio On/Off

Record with or without audio, BODYCAM® is able to adjust to local laws and requirements around the world.

Built-In LCD Screen

Review video instantly using the 1.5" LCD screen built-into BODYCAM® eliminating the lag-time some cameras using cloud-based storage require.

8 Megapixel Photos

Delivering unrivaled high quality across the board, BODYCAM® out-shoots other body-worn cameras by taking 8 Megapixel still photos.

Priced over 50% less than other recognized brands, you will stretch your precious budget dollars and equip more officers with BODYCAM®.

“It’s a good buy...The information they provide at crime scenes can be priceless.”

Sheriff Hubert Peterkin - Hoke County, NC

Reliable Simple Affordable
HD Body-Worn Camera Diagram
The Full Kit
Field of View: 170 Degrees
Night Vision: Yes - Two, Built-in, High-Intensity Infrared Illuminators
Waterproof: Yes - IP65
Power LED: Yes - Red
Dimensions: ~2.5" x 2.0" x 1.0"
Mount: 1/4"-20 Female, Threaded
Type: Built-in, Rechargeable, High-Capacity Lithium ion
Charging Time/Format: 3 hrs. / USB via computer, wall, or vehicle
Battery Life: 4hrs. Continuous† / 120 hrs. Standby / Selectable Auto Standby
16hrs. Continuous - w/ optional Portable Power-Pack/Charger
Battery Level: Visual Indicator and Audible Alarm
Video Output: Micro HDMI and Composite AV
Video Transfer: USB 2.0
Compatibility: Windows - Video Playback, Admin/Auto Download Software
Mac - Video Playback
Viewing Options: Computer, Built-in LCD Screen, or any TV / Viewing Monitor
Video Quality: Multiple Recording Resolutions
(1080p/30fps, 960p/30fps, 720p/60fps, 720p/30fps, 480p/60fps)
Video Standards: NTSC and PAL
Audio: Yes - Built-in, High-Fidelity Microphone, Selectable On/Off
Date & Time Stamp: Yes - Selectable On/Off
Image “Snapshots”: Yes - Capture still images up to 8 Megapixels
Remote Control: Yes - Use Optional.(Start/Stop recording and still image capture) Wrist, Velcro, or Garment Clip Mounted
Stored Video Length: 18 hrs. - w/ optional 32GB Storage (720p/30fps)
4.5 hrs. - w/ included 8GB Storage (720p/30fps)
3 hrs. - w/ included 8GB Storage (1080p/30fps)
Storage Capacity: 8GB MicroSD - included, 32GB MicroSD - optional
Storage Level: Visual Indicator and Audible Alarm
Record LED: Yes - Green
Action Sensor: Yes - Use Optional. Movement activated recording
LCD Screen: Yes - 1.5" LCD Screen
Audio: Yes - Built-In Speaker

* 8GB of storage is included with system and 32GB is available for a nominal fee.

† Battery life is dependent on camera record settings as well as LCD display and IR useage.

Specifications and design subject to change without notice.
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