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BODYCAM® by PRO-VISION® is the all-new body-worn video camera brought to you by the leader in mobile video products. BODYCAM® offers a Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ approach to body-worn video cameras with an unrivaled combination of features including 1296p True HD Video, Selectable Night Vision, and an IP68 waterproof rating all at a price OVER 50% LESS than other brands.

With over fifteen years of growth developing and manufacturing rugged, reliable mobile video products, PRO-VISION® and BODYCAM® body-worn video camera provide a superior product choice that will affordably increase safety and reduce liability for officers around the globe.

Since 2003, PRO-VISION® has been engineering, manufacturing and installing Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ vehicle recording systems for the school bus, transit, law enforcement and commercial markets. Specializing in back-up, dash-cam, in-car, and body-worn video; PRO-VISION® has built a solid reputation for rugged, reliable cameras, mobile video recording equipment and software solutions that increase safety and reduce liability for thousands of organizations in nearly 50 countries around the globe. Recently recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for seven consecutive years, PRO-VISION ® takes pride in offering the highest quality products backed by the absolute best customer care and technical support.

The growth of PRO-VISION®, is a testimonial to the opportunities granted by our customers each and every day to provide Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ commercial, mobile video solutions. PRO-VISION® has achieved six consecutive rankings by Inc. magazine as the fastest-growing video system manufacturer in America and one of the Top-40 manufacturer in the nation.

For more information on PRO-VISION® and to see our complete line of Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ mobile video solutions, please visit www.provisionusa.com.

Nobody offers a better body camera warranty. View/Download the BODYCAM ® Warranty.

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