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Reliable, Simple & Affordable

A feature-packed body-worn camera at an affordable price. Rugged and durable enough to handle the roughest conditions and recording crystal-clear HD night vision video, BODYCAM® is the body-worn camera system for everyone - because value matters.

Built to last

Designed to work in any environment BODYCAM® offers incredible durability, meeting military specifications with an ip68 waterproof rating.

Works hard, just like you do

The BC-300 battery is designed to provide continuous coverage for up to 12 hours so it canWork with you for an entire shift.

Easy to use

The many customizable features on the BODYCAM® BC-300 give you the flexibility to meet your organization's specific recording needs. Adjust your settings, push a button and you’re covered.

Capture everything

BODYCAM® offers a 150° field-of-view and configurable night-vision, to ensure crucial details aren't missed.

BC-300 Features


lcd display screen

Write more accurate reports and double-check the facts faster using the built-in LCD screen on the BODYCAM®

built-in flashlight

A single button press activates the light, keeping hands free to handle any situation.


Secure internal storage

ensures data integrity and user accountability with internal, non-removable data storage, eliminating concerns of storage removal and tampering.

Full Shift battery

The BC-300 battery is designed to provide up to 12 hours of continuous recording on a single charge to cover entire shifts


Pre-Event Buffer

Ensure crucial events are not missed with the pre-event recording buffer that captures video of the events occurring before a recording is manually activated.

Customizable Settings

The BC-300 gives you unrivaled flexibility to meet your organization's specific recording needs and adjust to future changes in policies or requirements.


Night Vision

Record a clear view in any lighting condition with built-in, high-intensity infrared illuminators configurable to be manually or automatically activated.

1296 HD Resolution

Able to record videos at a quality 30% better than 1080p HD cameras from other brands, BODYCAM® captures all the important details with customizable settings of 1296p, 1080p, 720p, or 480p depending on your preference.


Noise-Reducing Audio

Capturing clear, distinct voices is made simple with built-in dual-channel, noise-reducing microphones.

Selectable Audio On/Off

Able to record video files with or without audio, BODYCAM® can adjust to your local laws and requirements.



Rely on SecuraMax™ by PRO-VISION® — the CJIS-compliant solution that utilizes cloud or self-hosted server storage designed for BODYCAM® — as your organization's Reliable, Simple, Secure™ evidence management solution..

Law Enforcement


At Pro-Vision we offer a complete solution Law Enforcement solution. From Software to HD recording, we have you covered.

HD-IN car system

360° HD In-Car Recording

Interview Room Systems

HD Interview Room Recording

PV Dashboard

Integrated Fleet Management


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10 camera docking station

Simplify the file download process with multi-camera docking stations specifically designed for use with the BODYCAM® BC-300

flexible mounting options

The BODYCAM® BC-300 has the versatile mounting options to securely grip your uniforms and prevent the camera from falling off and missing crucial evidence.

Hardware Protection

For ultimate peace of mind, BODYCAM® features an optional extended Hardware Protection Plan that covers loss and theft, and includes unlimited camera replacements due to accidental damage.


Field of View 150 Degrees
Waterproof: IP68 - Rated for All Climates
Night Vision: Yes
Built-in WiFi: Yes
Pre-Event Recording: Yes – Over 60 Seconds – Configurable On/Off and Audio On/Off
Post-Event Recording: Yes – Configurable
Video Resolution: Multiple Options - 1296p, 1080p, 720p, 480p
Video Format: mp4
Storage Capacity: 32GB
Battery Life: 12 hrs. Continuous*

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